About Us

About Pic4Pass

Pic4Pass is an online ID photo service that provides guaranteed government compliance based on sophisticated biometrics. Compliance is based on the standards for biometric passports set forth by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), a member of the United Nations family, and adopted by 91 countries around the world with the number growing each year.

By using Pic4Pass to make their ID photos, people avoid the cost and hassle of a rejected ID document application due to a non-compliant photo, and improve their chances of passing quickly and smoothly through automated border controls and other automatic ID verification systems. Plus, they can do it all from the comfort of home, making as many pictures as they want until they get one they will be happy to carry for years to come.

About BioID

Pic4Pass is developed by BioID, a leading European biometrics company, specialized in multimodal biometric authentication and IT security.

BioID is guided by the vision that multimodal biometrics will greatly enhance the convenience, user experience and security of internet and mobile users and help them to protect their digital identities from identity theft. With the increasing use of the internet as well as mobile IT and communication services, people have a growing number of internet accounts and digital identities, which are typically protected only by a password or the combination of a token (card, key, USB stick, etc.) and a password. In contrast, BioID does not protect digital identities with insecure passwords and tokens, but rather with an indisputable link to the biometric traits of the user. Because biometric traits can’t be forged, lost, shared, or stolen biometric authentication is the only method known today that can verify the physical presence of a user.

BioID’s authentication software recognizes a person reliably by their face, iris and voice, and thus prevents fraudulent use of digital identities. At the same time, BioID enjoys high user acceptance because BioID users no longer have to remember passwords. The technology behind Pic4Pass has been in use for many years in banking, enterprise, and government IT security applications.

Privately held, BioID’s development facilities are located in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, please visit www.bioid.com.