World’s first biometric online ID photo service

Pic4Pass is an online ID photo service that provides guaranteed government compliance for passport and visa photos based on sophisticated biometrics. Compliance is based on the standards for biometric passports set forth by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), a member of the United Nations family, and adopted by 91 countries around the world with the number growing each year.

Stricter requirements for passport and visa photos

To cope with increased terrorist activities and international crime as well as increasing volumes of international travel, countries around the world have introduced biometric passports and other biometric ID documents. One of the key features of biometric ID documents is the inclusion of the digital photo image as mandatory biometric information. Because this biometric information will be used to authenticate the identity of the passport bearer, the requirements of the digital image are extremely strict, sometimes down to the pixel: an accuracy beyond the judgement of the human eye.

Making it even more complex, different countries and different documents have different requirements: photographers, drug stores and photo booths are not equipped or trained to handle them all. As a result, people applying for new passports or other ID documents are at risk that their application will be rejected. If it is, they face the hassle and higher costs of getting a new photo and reapplying, perhaps paying rush fees as well. If time is tight, it could even put their upcoming trip in jeopardy.


How Pic4Pass works

With Pic4Pass it’s easy to make a photo that is guaranteed compliant, so you avoid the risk of rejection

Upload photo
Pic4Pass checks your photo
Download processed photo

Pic4Pass checks ID photos according to these standards

ISO/IEC 7501 (ICAO 9303)
ISO/IEC 19794-5
ISO/IEC 29794-5
Applicable national requirements

Pic4Pass quality checks include

Photo size and cropping
Head position in photo
Head rotation
Eyes and irides visible
Only one person in photo
Gaze direction