Babies & Children

Photos for babies and very small children must meet the same requirements as adult photos, but there is an easy way to take a good passport photo or visa photo of a baby or child.

Most countries are flexible on the following:

Facial expression: can be smiling or frowning, mouth must still be closed
Eyes must not be looking directly at camera (but the closer the better)
For very small babies eyes do not need to be open (but it’s better if they are)


In particular, the following are still required:

Plain white background, with contrasting clothing
No parts of other people showing
No objects showing (toys, pacifier/dummy)


For babies, the easiest way is:

Place white blanket or sheet on floor
Place baby on it and smooth out any wrinkles
Take photo from above, careful to not cast shadows
Take several pictures (10 - 20) in a row and pick the best one